Playing chess online improves intuition

Chess is a novel game that inculcates invaluable traits and skills to the player, which would go a long way in shaping his life and character.

What is there in this board game that makes it so popular among the people?

It is a miniature of life, in more than one way. In real life, you face both success and failure. This dichotomy is what makes the life more interesting. When you succeed, you will feel happy and move further. When you fail, you may lose heart temporarily or feel dejected, but do not shy away from the life, but take alternative paths to regroup yourself and strive for success.

In the game of chess, the same thing happens often. Chess is a thinking game and what you need to win a game is the tactics and strategies. Not all tactics of yours will yield the desired result at all times. Your tactical plans and steps might be foiled or nullified by the opponent. You do not lose heart or accept defeat once your tactics fail to deliver the results. You try different combinations and make a different plan to corner the opponent’s king.

The more a person practices and masters the game, the better will be his attitude towards life. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology and the increasing usage of the Internet across the world, playing chess online is the easiest and best way for a person to relax, have fun and in the process improves his skill and exercises the brain.

Chess is a fair game in that there is no room for luck or chance to either of the players. If you are person inclined to act first and think later, then chess is not the game for you. You will be hearing only checkmate from the opponent always. In other words, chess calls for serious, deep and logical thinking, careful analysis, visualization, planning and effective execution, if you were to say “checkmate” to your opponent.

One important virtue that the game of chess teaches or sharpens is Intuition. How does one’s intuition can be improved? Intuition leads to creativity in the game of chess, opens up the mind for new ideas and innovative ways of deploying tactics and strategies. However, intuition in the game of chess is not similar to intuition in general.

Intuition refers to that unique quality where one finds the truth instantly. In other words, intuition is referred to as a quick solution that comes to mind suddenly. Does this refer to any random move made instantly without any thought behind the move? No. By intuition in chess, we do not refer to any random move played instantly, that, in a way, confuses the opponent, awakens creativity and opens up new possibilities.

On the other hand, intuition in chess refers to a move made instantly without taking time, through the act of chess instinct. As one gains expertise by playing more number of games, some of the positions, situations, pieces and the games get recorded in the mind. When such a position takes place while playing, the mind quickly recollects the similar situation in earlier games, and the solution for the present game can instantly come to mind. Driven by that recap, one makes the moves. This chess instinct in the game will turn to be intuition in real life situation. The more the chess instinct is sharpened, the more intuitive will be a person in life.

With online chess, a person can develop his chess instinct in particular and intuition in general by playing chess online with innumerable players of different countries and in the process, expands his horizon of thinking and expertise in the game.

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